7 Practical Ways to Improve Yourself in 2020

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I welcome you warmly to yet another year. This will be one of the best years for you ever. For those who continue to make personal development, self-improvement, and ‘touching lives’ their goal, I celebrate you. I say 2020 will be better. Remain focus, never lose sight of your dream, continue to work smarter, be consistent, and we will definitely come to celebrate with you – I mean, eat your cake literally.  However, to make this year the best for you, you will definitely have to, sit up; plan; strategies; and execute. What are your New Year resolutions? Whatever it is, it must be concrete and define what you really want from life.

Today, I will share with you some nuggets to help you make the year 2020 a memorable one. Before you read on, take a seat and get yourself an overflowing, crunchy, aromatic, crumbly and scrumptious popcorn. Gotten yours? So let’s begin.

  1. Reflection

The best ways to learn are from experience. You definitely don’t want to make the same mistake twice. How can we avoid this? The answer is self-reflection. Please chew your popcorn slowly so you can hear yourself think. Ok. Ask yourself these; what were my 2019 goals, did I achieve them, what challenge(s) did I encounter, how did I suppress these challenges, will I really say I made it in 2019. If you can ask yourself these questions and will be sincere in providing the answers through deep thinking and meditation, you are about halfway to achieve your New Year goals. I suggest you write down these questions and the answers by the side. Review them every morning, for seven days. In so doing you will subconsciously avoid the deadly traps and hindrances that cause your goals to fail. Yes, I can see you trying to raise your hands, yes you. Don’t worry, question s would be taken at the end. And yes, you can continue chewing your popcorn as you may.

2. Set your goals

Now the next thing you’d probably do – very important – is to set your goals. If you don’t have a goal, you will never get to your destination. What do you really want to achieve in 2020? A piece of advice, do not make a vague goal. It is very important to have a clear and concise goal. Just like a company, with a clear goal, and ways to achieve them through strategic planning and organizing.

So what are your goals? Yes, you, the man with a red shirt and a gap between his teeth. You look cute by the way. So quickly, take out a pen and your notepad. Write clearly your goals for 2020. I will advise again, don’t make so many goals like the government always do – 20 points agenda, 7 points agenda and the likes. Let your goal be 1, maybe 2 and at most – I will advise – 3. The goal to help you totally commit yourself to ensure that the goal is achieved. Believe me, it takes great energy, time, money, sleepless nights to achieve 1 dream. What will it take to achieve 2 dreams? You see, it takes twice the energy, time, money and sleepless nights it would take one. If you had sincerely reflected as stated in the first point, you may have probably noticed having many goals was one reason you couldn’t achieve much. The goal is to achieve the goals set, and not to have many goals set. You will need all the time and energy to achieve your goal. Save them for one. And when you have achieved 80% of your goal, then you may, I mean, you may consider starting the next goal. Feel free to jot down any question you may have, we will take them. Hope your sits are comfortable?


Now I will like you all to drop your notepads, pen, and popcorns. Hmmm, on second thought, take up your popcorn and keep enjoying it, but don’t disturb your neighbor. How many of you have read ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’, how about, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. Just four persons from a crowd of fifty, maybe I should just walk away. Which of the books have you read my cute friend with an ‘open teeth’? The Richest Man in Babylon, that’s impressive. Now I see why I said I like you from the beginning.  Reading books should be a part of you. Read to expand your knowledge. Read to be in the know. You can’t afford to do without it. Please read.  I can recommend good books you can read, just see me in privately after this session. But if you can sieve them for yourself, you may find this website useful – www. Impactconnect.com.ng. More like it, take up developmental courses online or offline, but I recommend online. Why? This is because it gives you flexibility, you get to study on your own terms, at any time you feel it’s better for you. But note, online courses are for serious people, who don’t need to be told what to do. You need to be disciplined enough to take up online courses. I will recommend a few. Coursera, edX, MIT OpenCourseWare, Udemy, Codecademy, Stanford Online. These are few online courses you can take, to learn a thing or two, in relation to the goal you have set for yourself. If your goal is to be an expert in programming, then you might want to take a course related to that. By so doing, you are already making plans to achieve your goal. Now you see the reason why I asked you to drop your notepad? Good, you’re following. I love you all already, but read, ok. Just by the door is a couple of books, grab one on your way out, but don’t forget to pay, ha-ha. I hope you are enjoying the class? Let’s move on.

4. Start planning

Ok now, how many among you have consciously read a company mission and vision statement? Only a few, ok. This is something called an organogram. That fair lady is smiling; you must know what I’m talking about. Do you work in a company? Impressive. Have you been opportune to see your company’s strategic plan for any particular year? Great, you definitely will flow with what I am about saying. For the rest of you, I will suggest you go online and Google how a company strategic plan looks like, and probably how it is developed. After setting your goals, developing yourself, the next thing should be planning how you want to achieve them. Take up your notepad and pen again, open to a new sheet, on it, draw a line from top to bottom of the sheet, such that the sheet is divided evenly into two equal halves, that is, half to the left and half to the right. On the left-hand side, write your goal (I will suggest you one sheet for one goal) and on the right-hand side, write your strategies, that is, definite plan on how to achieve your goal. I see you struggling young lady, do you want me to repeat the process again? Ok, you are fine, I like that. I really like smart people.

Treat all goals with urgency. Go on with your plan immediately to achieve your goals. Nothing should get in your way of achieving your dream, I mean nothing.

5. Learn from people or get yourself a mentor

Young men and women today feel too big to submit to mentorship. If you find yourself in this category, please do everything possible to revert. Use a gun, maybe a knife and kill such habit, hypothetically of course. Go out of your way and learn from people who are excelling in the field you wish to excel yourself. You will definitely be better for it. Find a mentor, and do whatever he says. But then, if you can’t find a mentor physically, you can do so with books. Yes, books. Many great men and women today write books of themselves, how they scaled the hurdles of life to reach the top. If you admire them, then you should buy their books, read everything you need to know about them. You are really helping yourself if you do.

6. Manage your Time

The only asset the rich and poor have in common is ‘time’. You shouldn’t joke with your time. As a matter of fact, I prefer to part with my money than time. If you are feeling stressed out, you can stand and have a stretch, grab a chill drink to refresh yourself, we must make a difference in this year 2020. Alright, so let’s continue. If possible, at any point in time, delegate tasks to others. This will free up your time you can use to do more important things. You need your time to improve on your skills, learn something new, review your plans, and go into meditation. You just need your time.

7. Network

This is one important part many people neglect. I know a friend that breaks up his friendship with others at any slight quarrel. Very bad. How many of you in this room are lawyers?  How about doctors, engineers, carpenters, bricklayers, mechanics? The point here is that we need one another. I can’t have my shoe polish by myself when I can save such time by giving it out to a cobbler. The information you need might just be in the possession of your neighbor. Create a network, it is very important. I like to practice what I teach. Now take out your notepad again, open to a new sheet, walk to everyone in this room and get their contacts. I will wait. Get their names, phone numbers, and profession. Are you done? Good. Quite sad, no one came to me to ask for my contact. No problem.

You need to take deliberate actions to enhance your personal development, it must be a continues process, for without commitment you will never start, and without consistency, you will never finish.

Now is the point you ask me any question bothering you, or you need clarification on some aspects of our discussion.  Yes the man who wanted to ask me a question during the lesson, you may ask now, use the comment section. While we wait for questions from the class, feel free to check our collections of books at the stand – www.impactconnect.com.ng. Hey, yes you, the young man with a blue tie, you forget your notepad.

Before I forget, there is more where this came from, and I am willing to share it with you. You can visit www.ineedaworker.com.ng, you will find other more interesting articles you would love. They also offer jobs and scholarships opportunity you can benefit from.


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