Don’t let distraction be your attraction.

tips to every day performance

The world around us has made concentration more difficult than its spelling. Many a time, we get carried away by other ‘eye catchy’ events, and then, we loose track of our goal, and perhaps, our pursuit. We find ourselves sometimes – or most times diverting into a task totally different from the one we first set out to accomplish. And in the end, we go half way of both tasks. Leaving both tasks uncompleted. This is a total waste of one’s precious time, and efforts. Perhaps you may want to stick to one task until it is completed.
Are you a victim? I am, and perhaps you are too. Let’s help ourselves. Let’s find out ways to come out of this ‘dead trap,’ a character that kills dream faster than any known cause.
Follow these simple steps, and you will see yourself coming out of procrastination, time killer and opportunity crushers.

  1. Focus on one goal until successful
    Never begin a new task until you have completed the one you started. Personally, I get distracted when searching for a particular information online. While browsing, you get to see other adverts that meets your interest, and boom! you click to have a glance, from a glance to a read, and from a read to an engagement. Then you loose focus, and subsequently, you miss your goal. Action point, finish one goal at a time.

2) Time management
Always, as a matter of importance, set out a time frame for every task you need to accomplish. Each task should be allotted a time in which it should start and finish. Then work within such time. Every seconds of your time counts. The moment you have set a time frame for a task, please, in every way possible, complete the task within such time. This will give you a sense of accomplishment, and give you the peace that comes when you fulfill your dream. In so doing, you will go on to achieve even greater goals.

3) Planning
A popular saying, “if you fail to plan, you have planned to fail.” Either which way you’d look at the above quote, you have actually planned, either to succeed or fail. So go on and plan for everything you want to do, no matter how little you may think it is.

I hope you learnt a thing or two. If you do, great. And if you don’t, reread again until you do. I will be here again to guide you into all truth.


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